Electrical-driven Bending Machine

electrical-driven bending machine for the production of round ducting and fittings in sheet metal

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  • Electrical driven Bending Machine SBW11G-2×1020

    Max thickness(mm):0.4-2mm
    Max Width(mm):1000mm
    Min Diameter(mm):100mm
    Top roller diameter(mm):73mm
    Bottom roller diameter(mm):73mm...

  • Electrical Round Bending Machine SBW11G

    Electrical Round Bending Machine can be rolled into a round metal plate, curved and a certain range of tapered workpiece

  • electrical driven bending machine SBW11G-2*1020/1.5*1270/1.2*1530

    electrical driven bending machine with pre-bending and roll round dual function. Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance

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