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Requirements for spiral duct operation site

Mar 11, 2024

The spiral duct site requires six major points

(1) The prefabrication of air ducts should have an independent work site, which should be flat and clean, and the processing platform should be leveled. The site for double-sided aluminum foil insulation board air ducts and other composite material air ducts should be dry and have sufficient storage space for finished products.

(2) The work site should be equipped with construction equipment and material storage areas, and facilities and power sources should have reliable safety protection devices. The roads at the work site should be unobstructed. There must be various equipment and facilities that can meet the fire protection requirements.

(3) When arranging processing equipment inside buildings, the bearing capacity of building floors and beams should be considered, and corresponding measures should be taken if necessary.

(4) The detailed drawings and system diagrams have been reviewed and meet the requirements, and technical and safety briefings have been conducted.

(5) For the production of air ducts in clean systems, a clean and enclosed warehouse should be used to store finished or semi-finished products.

(6) The processing site should reserve transportation channels for on-site materials, finished products, and semi-finished products, and the selection of the processing site should not obstruct fire exits.