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Four Gun Automatic Angle Iron Flange Welding Machine

Four Gun Automatic Angle Iron Flange Welding Machine

This equipment is specialized for welding angle iron flanges.

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The automatic welding of angle steel flanges is mainly used for angle welding of different specifications of angle iron flanges for cooling air ducts, subway ventilation, building ventilation, HVAC, and purification functions. We have a parameterized welding system, which does not require programming and can be directly welded by inputting the length, width, and thickness of the workpiece. It can achieve simultaneous welding of four corners, as well as single or double corners, saving labor and improving efficiency. It has the characteristics of fast speed, accurate size, and high degree of automation. The device is stable and can work 24 hours a day.

Technical Data
Angle Iron specification3#,4#,5#
Mainframe Voltage220V/50HZ
Welding machinery voltage380V/50HZ/3PH


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