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Special Tube Former SBTF-1602B

Special Tube Former SBTF-1602B

The mainframe and decoiler of SBTF-1602B are integrated, and the other configurations are the same as those of SBTF-1602.

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The maximum specification of the spiral air duct produced inSBTF-1602B is only 1600mm. However, the quality of the product is the same asSBTF-2020 and can meet the standards of DIN, BS, Euroorm, and Smacna.This machine will cut pipes into preset lengths and the required number of pieces using a cutter or plasma.The cutting blade enjoyed has the characteristics of no noise, no heat sparks generated by the cutting edge, and no tilting of the cutting edge.

Technical Data
ThicknessGalvanized Steel  0.4-1.3mm
Stainless steel   0.4-0.8mm
Aluminium         0.4-1.2mm
Other profiles on request.
WidthStandard 137mm   0.4-1.0mm
Standard 140mm   1.1-1.2mm
Other profiles on request.
CorrugationsEither one or two beads.(Optional)
Lock SeamOutside lock, inside lock as request.
Cutting SystemThe patented flying slitter.
OptionsAutomatic length control system.
Controlled corrugation unit.
PowerMainframe             11KW
Cooling water pump    0.25KW
2450mm×1200mm×1200mm(Run-out table)


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