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Special Tube Former SBTF-1500C

Special Tube Former SBTF-1500C

SBTF-1500C is an upgrade to SBTF-1500. The thickness of galvanized sheet that can be produced at SBTF-1500C reaches 2.0mm, while that of stainless steel reaches 1.2mm. It is worth noting that 1500C can be equipped with plasma cutting.

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SBTF-1500C has two additional sets of forming rollers compared to SBTF-1500, which is the main reason for the increase in production thickness.The SBTF1500 series uses steel strip molds and requires workers to adjust their skills, which is relative to SBTF-1602 and SBTF-2020. After the workers have adjusted the equipment for the first time, the subsequent spiral tube production does not require too much manpower and material resources.

Technical Data
ThicknessGalvanized Steel  0.4-2.0mm
Stainless Steel   0.4-1.2mm
WidthStandard 137mm
Lock SeamOutside lock,inside lock as request.
PowerMainframe     11 Kw
Cutting Power 4 Kw
Cutting SystemPlasma Cutting,Saw Blade Cutting


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